Why Buyers Need Their Own Realtor

Find an Experienced Realtor

Buying a first home is a complex process. An experienced Realtor will assist you all through the search, comparable homes sold, making an offer, inspection, repair, and appraisal processes, as well as help you find the best value, neighborhood, and quality for your budget and requirements.

The seller’s real estate broker most often pays your Realtor out of the loan proceeds. If you don’t use your own Realtor, the seller’s broker keeps the commission, so you might as well avail yourself of professional advice.  Your Realtor works in your best interest.

 Don’t expect perfection

There’s no perfect home. You may want all the latest amenities of a new home, but even new homes come at a price, perhaps longer commutes and bigger pricetags.

Homes that need updating are priced below homes that are up to the minute and move-in ready. That could be to your financial advantage, so try to look beyond outdated fixtures and focus instead on the floorplan and dimensions. Ignore the seller’s tastes and imagine each room clean and clear of clutter and with your own things in them.

Most cosmetic changes are relatively inexpensive, and you can even pay for them with your mortgage loan, in some cases. Talk to your lender.